Being a mom is a crazy amount of work and being a new mom is a crazy amount of work AND extremely overwhelming. I think one of the top questions asked by new moms is “what do I need?” This is a loaded question because every mom has a different style and whats an essential to one might seem unnecessary to another. So my advice is do your research and get opinions. It will help you figure out what is essential for you. * I also want to make a disclaimer that the most important thing you need is love. If you love your kids, feed them, do your best to keep them healthy and safe, then you’re doing great. Here are my must have baby items for 0-6 months.

I’m also not going to list the obvious here. A crib, diapers, food. You got it.

0-6 months

The right bottle. My favorite bottles are these. Every baby is different but these seem to be widely popular. They also great if you have a preemie or a little with tummy issues. You can also get them here but I get everything on amazon.

Swaddle ’em up. Now my daughter didn’t like to be swaddled. But these and these are my favorite. The muslin ones are great for warmer weather and a lighter feel. The other ones are my favorite, but they’re also thicker. Which worked for my son because he’s a December baby.

A stroller car seat combo. To me, this is one of the two benefits in getting an infant car seat first. The other benefit being you can take it with you out of the car. Basically all car seat brands have a stroller car seat ‘travel system.’ This is the one I’ve used with my babies.

Carry that baby. Baby wearing is wonderful. I absolutely love it. This is the one I got and love it. It can carry a lot of weight and never hurts my back.

Diaper bag. A diaper bag is an essential for all moms. Having babies means carrying literally 1000 things all the time. Every mom has her own style. These are a few that I have used throughout the years and really love. Marc J, Skip hop, Petunia, and target. My suggestion for diaper bags is do your research and get something with decent quality. You’ll most definitely get good use out of it.

Rock n play. This was a saving grace with my first babe. She lived in this thing. Its the only thing she would sleep in and she just loved it. I probably recommend this most often because of how obsessed with it I am.

Lullaby and lights. A sound machine is also a great thing to have in your home. This one I used for my daughter, and my son uses the same along with this star one (which was a gift so I didn’t know how expensive it was, but it is really cool). There are so many out there and they all are probably pretty similar.

A great to make sure you have everything you need is to make an Amazon baby registry. I think its the best registry out there because it has everything and everyone uses Amazon right?? You can create yours here.

So I hope that has helped a little bit! I know how overwhelming it all can be. What are your essentials? Leave them in the comments! I’d love to hear from you.

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“The grass withers and the flowers fade, but the Word of the Lord stands forever.” Isaiah 40:8

Everything you need for your first year. Here are my baby must haves.





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