Why I’m not stressed this Christmas

Christmas is coming quickly. It seems like it comes faster every year. The holiday season is so exciting and yet so stressful at the same time. There seems to be so much to do, and never enough time to do it. Especially for moms, Christmas stress is hard to overcome. There is so much pressure on moms to create the perfect holiday experience. Perfect gifts, delicious food, and hosting all your family. It’s overwhelming. And exhausting. I get so caught up in trying to make Christmas perfect that I don’t even realize the toll its taking on me and I quickly lose sight of what is important.

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I was talking with my mom today, and I could see how stressed she was because she hasn’t finished her Christmas shopping or gone grocery shopping for Christmas dinner. It was clear to see how overwhelmed she was, and it made me realize how much pressure she, and probably all moms, are under. It also made me take a good look at myself and where my priorities were this season.

It’s easy to think that Christmas is about giving and receiving presents, or getting all the family together for a holiday feast. It’s not hard for presents, family, hosting, parties, and cooking to take over your mind. It’s easy to get consumed by all the Christmas hoopla.¬†And that’s what were fed to believe Christmas is about. Finding the perfect gift for your loved one, making sure your kid has the toy they asked santa for, and spending hours cooking a Christmas meal for all to enjoy are great things to do. And yes, those things can be a fun (yet, VERY stressful) part of Christmas time, but they are not what Christmas is about. When we spend the whole season focusing on those things, we can quickly lose sight of the true meaning, and joy, of this season.

When I focus on the true meaning of Christmas, the stress starts to fall away. Its no longer about finding the perfect gifts, or cooking the most delicious meal. It’s about soaking in the holiness of this season. It’s about rejoicing over the King of all kings. It’s about being thankful for our savior. As mamas, we’re never going to stop wanting the best for our kids, but the true joy comes from realizing that the best gift we could ever give them is teaching them about our savior.

This is the time to remember that Jesus came into this world to save us from our sins. To be thankful that the God of the world sent His only Son to be born on this earth so that we might be saved through Him. It’s a time to rejoice over the hope that He brings. Sure, presents under the tree will bring temporary happiness, but the hope of our Savior brings eternal joy.

So I urge you to stop. Stop the wrapping, stop the cooking, stop the shopping, and take a moment to be still and revel in the holiness of Christmas. Remember why we celebrate. Remember what we’re celebrating. And let the pressure melt away. The Lord has come for you. The Lord has come to bring comfort and joy. His presence is true present. It’s the present we could ever receive. Let this season be about Him, and solely Him. Spend time with your families and rejoice over the Good news. He has come to save us.

Bless all your mama hearts this season. I hope you can find peace and joy in the holiness of our Lord. I pray you all have a very merry Christmas.

Love y’all

“The grass withers and the flowers fade, but the Word of the Lord stands forever.” Isaiah 40:8


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    This is a Beautiful post!

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